You became a teacher because you love watching students thrive, but you’re starting to question if you have what it takes to teach such a diverse group of learners.

Learn how to connect with every student and unlock their spark for learning!

The Neurodiverse Classroom online course was created for dedicated elementary teachers just like you who are passionate about educating students of all needs, but who need up-to-date training in order to understand and connect with their students. You also need a community of like-minded teachers to bounce ideas off of while cheering each other on.

Neurodiverse Learning

Gain an understanding of how a child’s cognitive, language, and sensorimotor development impact their classroom behavior, executive functioning, and academic achievement.

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Mental Health

Learn how to spot anxiety in student behavior, what trauma can look like, and better understand how the body must be emotionally regulated before any learning can happen.

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Your Mind-Body

Become more aware of your own body’s stress response, identify your triggers in the classroom, and learn how to strengthen your own resilience in order to ready yourself for co-regulation with your students.

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The Circle of Trust

Learn how to establish trust with your students, support classroom transitions without power struggles, and effectively collaborate with parents.

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Creating Connection

Learn all my favorite strategies for building a classroom community including daily meetings, student jobs, teaching leadership through strengths, how to use a safe place, and the importance of privacy when tracking behavioral support and progress.

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Help Student Thrive

Learn how to use student interests to increase engagement in learning, provide accommodations to help students access the standardized curriculum, and how to balance providing support while fostering independence.

I’m Dr. Emily, child psychologist and former school psychologist, and I’m here to help you!

Over the last 20 years, I have seen student learning patterns become even more diverse in addition to an added awareness of the trauma kids experience and their mental health needs. Our standardized education system just does not fit the unique learning patterns of all students. Yet, as a teacher you are asked to educate everyone without the necessary training in child developmental and mental health. 

I can no longer watch passionate and gifted educators burn out as they try their best to help students while not receiving enough funding or training to do their job. We all agree that there are systemic barriers we cannot change, at least not quickly. What I can help you change is your understanding of neurodiverse learners and the relationships you create with them every day to help them access learning. One child at a time. If you want to understand your students better and learn more about how to connect with them in order to unlock their engagement with learning, you are in the right place. 

We will change the system from the bottom-up as we understand, nurture, and celebrate all learners, not just the ones who fit the mold. Together, we are going to merge my knowledge of child psychology and your knowledge of elementary education so that you can help every student unlock their learning potential.

When you enroll in The Neurodiverse Classroom™ Online Course, you will get:

  • 6-module course video tutorials: These videos will walk you through the learning, behavioral, and mental health needs in your classroom

  • Certificate of Completion: You will receive a signed certificate indicating completion of 6 hours of professional development content.

  • Private STUDENTS ONLY Facebook Group: Once enrolled in the online course, you have forever-access to this group to collaborate with like-minded teachers who are also enrolled in the course

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