The Neurodiverse Classroom is an on-demand professional development training for elementary educators. Teachers can purchase the training individually or schools can invest in a group rate of logins that includes with LIVE Q&A via Zoom with Dr. Emily (see below for options)

Learn how to connect with every student and unlock their spark for learning!

I'm Dr. Emily, child psychologist, former school psychologist and parent, who created The Neurodiverse Classroom on-demand course for dedicated elementary teachers just like you who are passionate about educating students of all needs, but who need up-to-date training in order to understand and connect with their students. Read more about my story below.

Each login for The Neurodiverse Classroom on-demand course includes:

  • 6-module course video tutorials: These videos will walk you through the learning, behavioral, and mental health needs month your students and how best to support them.

  • Printable handouts (pdf downloads) to keep you organized as you learn.

  • Certificate of Completion: You will receive a signed certificate indicating completion of 6 hours of professional development content.

I'm Ready to Enroll!

Welcome! I'm here to help students by helping teachers first.

Over the last 20 years, I have seen student learning patterns become even more diverse in addition to an added awareness of the trauma kids experience and their mental health needs. Our standardized education system just does not fit the unique learning patterns of all students. Yet, as a teacher you are asked to educate everyone without the necessary training in child developmental and mental health. 

I created this training because I can no longer watch passionate and gifted educators burn out as they try their best to help students. We all agree that there are systemic barriers we cannot change, at least not quickly. What I can help you change is your understanding of neurodiverse learners and the relationships you create with them every day to help them access their learning. If you want to understand your students better, learn more about how to connect with them, and unlock their engagement with learning, you are in the right place. 

Together, we are going to merge my knowledge of child psychology and your knowledge of education so that you can help every student unlock their learning potential.